Catalyst (shylittleminx21) wrote,

Holy monkey balls!

It's been forever since I've written in here. . . Time has passed and alot of things are quite different. . .

In some ways things have remained the same. It's just hard to say at this point...What I'd like to do with my life.

I used to have all these plans of going to college and doing this or that...Seems like a far away dream now that i think of it.

On a different and more frivolous note:

My friend Nicola hates my guts but wont admit it.

She just came over to my friend Justin's house(They kinda sorta are dating) and was all in tears.

She's pregnant.

Pregnant poeple are a different species of woman I've never encountered before . everything can and will most likely trigger tears/anger/emotionsof extreme pyscho demeanor

so anyways she starts bawling her head off crying about how justin doesnt love her yadda- saying i can sleep with him if i want.. im like dude?

ummm im just chilling till he gets back were just friends- That she should calm down. The next few minutes are filled with one very emotionally raw nicola crying in my arms while i reassure her for the trillionth time im not interested in sleeping with justin>.<

i dont even know dude.

it was crying cause she had only 15 min till work and it took all my strength and will power to coax her into calming down so she could head off to work while trying to convey the idea she shouldn't be mad at justin.

Anyways now Iam just kicking back with a bowl.

This crap is exhausting.

That is all.
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